Products I’d like to try: the Sleeptracker

There’s a new gadget called the Sleeptracker which claims to follow the stages of sleep you are in and wake you up at the best point. It looks like a watch and is worn like one.  The idea is that it detects the stages of sleep you are in by recording your movements.  You give it a time slot during which you’d like to wake up, and when it finds that you are in a light sleep during that time, it sounds the alarm.  This means that you’ll have to accept a certain degree of variation in what time you will wake up, but in theory this won’t matter as even if you lose a little sleep, you’ll waken feeling far more refreshed than you would have if you had been woken up during deep sleep.

I’ve not tried it as I’m already meeting my needs with light and darkness therapies, but it looks interesting for people who need to get up in the morning and struggle with this.  I have no idea how well it works, and online reviews are mixed.  Apparently the problem is that detecting sleep through bodily movements isn’t terribly reliable and it can make all sorts of mistakes.  It’s an interesting idea, though.

There is an iPhone application which is meant to do the same thing.  I have no idea what it’s like, but if you have an iPhone it sounds well worth a try.

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2 Comments on “Products I’d like to try: the Sleeptracker”

  1. Bridgett Says:

    Before I had a sleep study, the doctor had me wear an actigraph. Similar, but the one you pictured is much more stylish and functional. Mine was just a black box I wore on my wrist. It was really interesting to see the movement in my sleep.

  2. I wonder if the Sleeptracker is as good as an actigraph? I’ve read complaints that its technology isn’t quite there yet, that it misreads when to wake you up for instance, but I don’t know whether this is because it’s a cheaper version of an actigraph and not as good, or whether these issues affect actigraphs too but it doesn’t matter with them because they’re not trying to wake you up based on what may be a blip.

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