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This is a website for everyone who has trouble sleeping.  It focuses in particular on circadian rhythm disorders and the sleep difficulties experienced by ME/CFIDS sufferers, but it is useful for sleep problems in general and especially insomnia.  Clicking on the header will take you to the home page, where the sidebar offering further options is displayed.  You can also browse the Categories or Tags, which show clickable excerpts instead of full posts.

Why an integrated approach?

Short answer: I’m exploring a mix of conventional medicine, the more respectable alternative therapies such as herbalism, and therapies that sit somewhere in the middle such as light therapy.  Long answer here.

My path to better sleep

The following series of articles are a blend of general sleep advice and a description of the methods I have used to improve my sleep.  Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I do not suggest that you avoid proper medical attention in favour of the advice of a random person on the internet.  Some approaches to improving sleep can only be prescribed by a doctor, some can be taken safely at home, and in all cases it’s best to keep your doctor up to date with what you are doing.

Get a diagnosis
Sleep hygiene
Eat right
Finding your best sleep pattern and napping
Sleep in total darkness and quiet
Medication for sleep: short-term and long term
Light and darkness: an overview
Are there any risks to light or darkness therapies?
Bright light therapy
What colour should the light be?
Dawn simulation
Darkness therapy
What colour should I use for darkness therapy?
How to shift your bedtime/waking time to earlier


Products I’ve tried

GoLite P1 (lightbox)
Lite-Pad (lightbox)
Lumie Desk Lamp (lightbox)
Lumie Bodyclock Sunray (dawn simulator)
Sunrise System SRS100 (dawn simulator)

Products I’d like to try

Sleeptracker (watch alarm gadget)
Golite BLU (lightbox; latest version)

The more personal areas of this site are over at Blog, where I will be recording my various experiments with sleep and how it’s all coming along, as well as my ponderings on subjects such why humans naturally have a 25-6 hour body cloock, or research I’ve encountered.  While I would love my readers to comment on any of my posts, and indeed actively encourage it,  Discussions is a place where I open the floor to you readers to hold discussions of your own.


Header image courtesy of  To the best of my knowledge, all product photos on this blog are in the public domain.  If any of them turn out to be under copyright, I’ll be more than happy to take them down or provide attribution.

6 Comments on “Site contents”

  1. Since you are “into” product review, here’s one you may not have tried. And it’s free!
    (It puts its shortcut bottom right, where it took me minutes to find.)

    f.lux is a nifty little program which changes the color tone of your computer monitor according to the time of day. You plug in your latitude and longitude (there’s help for cities). It tells you what time it thinks your sun-up and sun-down are, so tweaking is possible. You can also tweak the light quality in relation to ambient light by moving a slider.

    The pink-orange tint of the monitor at night took a few days (nights) to get used to. Now I like it a lot.

    • That looks fantastic! The one thing is that I’ve already spent ages customising my computer display for colour, as I have Meares-Irlen and it makes it easier to read. So my default colour scheme is already amber, mainly from the time before I got the orange specs. I also use No Squint to set certain websites to come up with variously coloured backgrounds. Would this be messed up if I used F.lux? I’d like to try it out for review purposes at the very least, I just don’t want to find that my lovingly constructed colour schemes are a scramble afterwards.

      I don’t think I’d set it to where I live, as the only time I put on my orange specs during real dusk is in the summer, I’m quite far north. But I’ve been spending quite a while looking up the sunrise/sunset times for various places, so I could easily shift it to whatever country I’d like to emulate. I’m actually varying my darkness therapy by two hours over the year so that it vaguely is in tune with the seasons (8.40 start December, 10.40 start June, changes by 20 min per month). Photoperiodeffect guy does this, though he doesn’t go into details as to why, and I reckon it’s worth trying. At the moment my darkness therapy start time follows the curve of dusk in Casablanca, although it’s a few hours later as I don’t sleep 8 pm – 4 am. I’ll be putting up a post about this, complete with pretty little charts, once I’ve scouted about the internet a bit to see if I can find anything useful on varying the number of hours of darkness in accordance with the seasons. It’s one of those things where I’m having trouble finding the right search terms to use.

      • may be helpful. It shows changing dawn & sunset which our bodies are getting used to little by little until, wham, daylight saving time messes it up.

        • I like the way it shows DST. I generally use this one, which shows gradual dawn and dusk rather than just a sudden changeover. is also handy. I’ve drawn up some fancy charts for how all of this relates to my darkness therapy, they’ll be up soon. Do you happen to know any good links for reading up on why seasonal variation in light/darkness is handy (or not) for humans?

          I’m currently trying out f.lux, and I am very impressed so far. It’s certainly not enough to count as darkness therapy on its own, but it should make a certain amount of difference.

    • Thanks again delayed2sleep, another great tool I hope will help anyone trying to adjust their sleep patterns!

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