This is a website for everyone who has trouble sleeping.  It focuses in particular on circadian rhythm disorders and the sleep difficulties experienced by ME/CFIDS sufferers, but it is useful for sleep problems in general and especially insomnia.  I’ve called it “an integrated approach” as I’m exploring a mix of conventional medicine, the more respectable alternative therapies such as herbalism, and therapies that sit somewhere in the middle such as light therapy.

In Search of Mornings contains a series of articles on my path to better sleep, discussions of various sleep treatments including light therapy and darkness therapy, reviews of various products that can help sleep, my personal experiences and ponderings on sleep-related matters, and areas for reader-led discussion.  An ordered contents page may be viewed by clicking on Site Contents in the sidebar, while the most recent posts will appear in date order in All Posts.  Click on the header to return to this home page at any time.  You can also browse the Categories or Tags, which show clickable excerpts instead of full posts.

This website does discuss the theory behind sleep, light therapy and darkness therapy, but in a fairly brief way.  It’s more of a practical approach, with how-to guides, product reviews and my personal experiences.  If you’d like to learn more about the theory side of things, then browse my Links and Research pages.  I particularly recommend DSPS, A Sleep Disorder, another WordPress blog which has a fantastic amount of detail about how sleep works and how light and melatonin affect it, as well as the two authors’ personal experiences; and Psycheducation.org, a site by the psychiatrist and bipolar disorder specialist Dr Jim Phelps which is particularly strong on darkness therapy.

Comments discussing your own experience with sleep or anything else on this site are very welcome.